Drug Dealers Using Hybrid Cars Now – Smuggling Inside Batteries

Who states drug dealers you should not care about the environment? Effectively, which is kind of a joke, and permit me tell you why. It turns out that motor vehicle batteries have come to be a well known location to keep illegal prescription drugs seeking to cross the border, and vacation close to the country. Contemplate if you will how many batteries are in a hybrid motor vehicle these times, and each and every a single of these batteries has many cells which can be filled with contraband. No, I’m not supplying any secrets and techniques away to the drug sellers, they by now know this trick, for the reason that they have been applying it a lot more typically these times.

Of training course, now the authorities are on to them, and I suppose if you have a Toyota Prius you could get stopped at the border whilst they look for by way of your batteries, or have the pet dogs come in to sniff close to. It is incredible how amazingly innovative and imaginative these people are with their smuggling, can you visualize if they would take that creativeness and innovation and apply it to some new kind of business in some substantial-tech sector? Envision how substantially money they could make, and what an extraordinary return on expense they may possibly have with all that income they have already created.

Of program, they’re not just putting medications within the batteries anymore, they are driving these hybrid vehicles back throughout the border with income stuck in individuals dried out battery cells, hard cash that they have manufactured from selling these medication on this side of the border. Again to my joke certainly the drug dealers do care about hybrid autos and alternate strength, since it has made, perfectly up until finally now, a nice sneaky go over to move their solutions and dollars. These days are about due to the fact the Division of Homeland Protection is on the scene looking at for these items, and the border patrol way too knows what’s heading on.

At present, issues have been hard in the genuine battery business, and several of the big Section of Strength grants and loans have not panned out, or created the positions that ended up predicted from that economic stimulus. For occasion, A123 Techniques Battery Corporation has submitted personal bankruptcy, together with various some others, and only two of the corporations receiving 6 of the pretty significant DOE grants were being equipped to fulfill their promises, pledges, or obligations for hiring right after accepting that money.

In reality, there was an exciting post in the Wall Avenue Journal on this subject printed on March 31, 2012 titled “Car or truck Battery Start off-Ups Fizzle,” by Mike Ramsey” which is very much really worth examining.

It’s possible the drug cartels can get into the hybrid automobile battery enterprise, and go legit – just kidding. They may make additional dollars in the end, and also go on aiding the option strength and hybrid automobile marketplace. Possibly you have a feeling of humor you, and you may see the irony in all this. Remember to believe on it.

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