Jet Lag Bath Remedy

Do not eliminate any of your precious trip or business time for the reason that of the disorienting outcomes of extended-distance vacation or jet lag.

This solution is the most straightforward, most natural bathtub remedy for jet lag I have at any time appear across. It was formulated by a South Sea Islands medical professional many several years in the past.

Use this easy treatment method as shortly as doable just after finding off the airplane. In the very first handful of several hours is the most effective. The lengthier you wait around, the a lot less productive it is. I tried it after immediately after a few days and it didn’t do a lot, so I had to “rough out” the jet lag consequences for a whilst more time.

This jet lag bathtub-remedy only requires a small a lot more than an hour and can be completed any time of working day or night time.

Superior News: Two can bathe for the selling price of 1!! This is a soak, not a tub, and the person who likes the drinking water temperature hotter can soak initial, then the other individual can use the similar drinking water.

1. Pack a single 8-ounce box of baking soda and one particular cup of Epsom salts* in a zip-lock bag or plastic container. (Label it ‘Epsom salts’ so that Customs would not freak out that you happen to be smuggling medicines.)

2. As before long as you arrive in your lodge or spot, fill the tub with drinking water as scorching as you can safely tolerate it and dissolve the salts and soda in the water.

3. Even though the tub is filling, consume at minimum 8 ounces of water, ideally additional. Air journey is notoriously dehydrating.

4. The h2o stage ought to go over your shoulders, so you may have to slide down in the tub. It’s Ok for your knees to adhere up out of the drinking water. The detail is to immerse your full torso.

5. Soak for 7 – 10 minutes. Only soak, do not clean with soap.

6. Do not cross your arms more than your human body – keep them down at your sides. Do not cross your legs or ankles whilst you might be in the tub.

7. Get up gradually out of the tub right after 7 – 10 minutes and gently pat yourself dry. Do not rub your skin with the towel or make sudden actions.

8. Lie down on your again and go over oneself with at minimum a sheet so that you do not chill off too rapidly. Relaxation for a person hour.

9. Even though resting, keep your arms at your sides and your legs out straight from your overall body. Do not cross your arms more than your physique and do not cross your legs or ankles – similar as in the tub. If you truly feel a lot more at ease with a pillow underneath your knees, that is wonderful.

10. After 1 hour of rest, you may perhaps get up and shower and get on with your excursion or, you may well roll more than and go to rest for the evening.

You could possibly like to incorporate a several drops of critical oils to the Epsom salts or baking soda ahead of dissolving them in the tub. For rest, add lavender for balancing, include lavender and rosemary for energizing at the commencing of the working day, include grapefruit, lemon and/or a dot of peppermint.

This harmless and very simple treatment method for jet lag will re-stability the nervous procedure, restore the pH of the cells, chill out the muscle tissue and re-set your physique clock to the present time — holistic at its very best!

When you get up from the relaxation or rest, you will truly feel refreshed and totally ready to make the most of your trip. And consider the soak when you get home, much too! Bon voyage!

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