Segway Scooter in Need of New Innovations

Segway Scooter in Need to have of New Improvements Upgrading mainly because for all the hoopla it lacks the most current and greatest technological innovations and it does not impress absolutely everyone. The Segway Team? Occur on get with the most recent technologies will ya? About this strategy:

These fellas are fantastic no doubt, but we could ship them back again to the drawing board right away for limiting their tips. Allows start out with it is most standard ingredient, particularly “The wheel” is an historical component and if you want to construct one thing innovative, create it with out wheels and without having touching the ground and without the need of have to have for re-charging. It can be developed much better. Below is how. Acquire Bruce DePalma’s perpetual movement machine to make the vitality, consequently by adding this kind of a element you would not need to have recharging and without the need of the wheels you could go much more pounds quicker with considerably less vitality. How you say? Effectively to start with off using hydro-cushioned technological innovation like is used on hover craft. And assume you are only wishing to shift a human body which we are chatting an regular of 250 Lbs. To do this and retain the air beneath you set a smaller brush guard technique less than the unit the place you stand. Then blow 1-2 lbs. of small strain air below it. Rarely any power necessary to lift 250 Lbs or a lot less. This will raise the factor off the ground.

So instead of wheels the matter is magic and hovers, way much better and much more point out of the artwork too. Now place 18 smaller jets which transfer the air in the meant direction of travel up to the gyroscope or little circuit board which is a miniture laser ring gyro to preserve it from slipping about as you steer it by shifting your weight. When you turn by moving your physique bodyweight the devises jets move you from facet to aspect even though currently being at the same time jogging by the gyro. The method will prevent you from tipping over like an F-16’s system which helps prevent the pilots from turning as well lots of G’s so the aircraft does not depart from flight or the pilot black out. Now you have a hovering mobile with gyro, functions precisely the similar and does not require any gasoline. Just like back to the long run ehy? It bodily will work. I as soon as met the male who built the first hydro cushioned motor vehicle, seemed like a minimal fying sauser, he use to travel it all over in Los Angeles on the 101 Freeway in the 1960s. He was paranoid because the institution had occur immediately after him owing to his mettling with major business and Standard Motors and the automobile market. I satisfied him at Denny’s in Woodland Hills, CA in 1996. His technological know-how is now moving 100,000 Lb. pallets with aircraft fuelalages on them through the manufacturing cycle in Everette WA. He also created the hydro cushioned bullet coach which was under no circumstances built but was a task to vacation people to Las vegas from Los Angeles on high velocity rail, which would keep the trains from touching the ground. No friction signifies little lossed power.

An individual must challenge the Segway Group to more innovate and not minimize the consumers quick. The unit need to proceed the technological trend to be the very best, very frankly it is not very good sufficient but and that is a large sum of enterprise funds to pay again for yesterdays technologies even at $5,000 a pop. Am I far too severe on this amazing invention? Oh likely, but if the producers are not in it to acquire it and will not thrust by themselves then possibly we can support. We must challenge these guys, so they can establish it better. Thinking about the superb publicity they have gotten together with the US President making an attempt 1 out, why won’t be able to they encourage by themselves to choose this technologies to the next amount, immediately after all it is 2003 for God’s Sake. In addition to by introducing my advancements it could be used on water much too. You could cross a lake, rescue a sinking boat, it has 1000’s of other employs, you could even sweep the travel way with it. Or build a robotic one particular which hovers and sweeps for you?

I do not mean to be so essential but if you have that form of money to blow in enterprise cash, why can not you develop a better mouse trap?

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