Stunt Driving Tips – Car Stunt – Driving the Classic Reverse 180

The reverse 180 is THE basic car stunt.

It is also a single of the most entertaining slides to do. Stunt performers have generally figured out how to do this ‘car stunt’ for the sole motive that it has and possibly normally will seem and feel actually awesome. It is a stunt that has been preferred since the 1st automobile chases and just one that has in no way misplaced its appeal.

My dad and I used to sit and watch the Rockford Files on tv with each other. I cherished observing it. Not only could James Gardner consume a taco with out spilling a drop, (the only person I have ever viewed do that, and on digicam as nicely!) he was also an remarkable driver and did some of his very own stunt driving for the show. That is why, for me, the reverse 180 will usually be ‘The Rockford.’

This slide was also preferred in the days of prohibition when it was acknowledged as the Moonshiners Flip. If the southern moonshiners arrived upon a law enforcement roadblock they would in some cases execute this slide for a swift getaway.

This slide is also taught in anti-terrorist driving classes. It’s applied when confronted by a roadblock or one thing you want to end promptly for. The advantage of using this slide rather of a forward 180 to get turned around is that you get highest braking all the way to a prevent (which means the shortest length achievable.) All your braking is finished in a straight line. Also, even though backing up you really don’t have any shiny lights in your eyes – that people who set up roadblocks like to blind you with – and of training course you really don’t need to have to waste any time turning all around.

With the reverse 180, you will be carrying out quite a few tasks in a pretty small period of time and the effects of a mistaken shift are even larger with this one than most of the other folks. Timing is anything. You’ve acquired to flip the steering wheel in the right route, (or run the chance of likely off the road in reverse!), change gears at the proper time or potentially blow a transmission, and have the front wheels pointing straight in advance coming out of it. Other than that, it really is a piece of cake.

When you are initially learning the reverse 180 you will want a Major piece of pavement so that the only thing to stress about is finding the motor vehicle out of reverse before you commence the slide. But however, practice accomplishing every thing appropriately and in sequence. Even if the vehicle would not spin all the way around to 180 degrees. As lengthy as you switch the steering wheel the correct amount at the ideal time and you change gears at the right time, the slide will occur just after a several attempts.

On with the exciting…

Mark Aisbett
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