The Lotus Eclat Sports Car

A overview of The Lotus Eclat Sporting activities Car or truck, masking progress, essential functions, and specialized details of this the sixteenth design in the Lotus range.

In this Report, I present a nostalgic glance at the Lotus Eclat, a person of an elite team of traditional autos, which was produced for the duration of the period 1974 to 1982.

In the primary layout of the Eclat, Colin Chapman decided to consist of an aspect of pretty much into this economical four seater.

The origins of the auto have been firmly rooted in the Lotus Elite Mark 2, which was phased out in 1983.

As a result, it experienced a fastback overall body styling, which represented a extra simple resolution for storage in the boot.

In 1973, when the Elite was at the prototype phase, the GRP shell was restyled in such a way that the Elite’s entrance was retained, but it incorporated a sloping roofline that blended effortlessly into a fastback tail in the kind of a standard hatchback.

This creation was originally designated the Elite Coupe but, subsequently, was renamed the Eclat.

The auto was in introduced in October 1975, with constant manufacturing until finally 1982.

It was made available in a variety of variations, this sort of as the basic 520, which applied the aluminium, double overhead cam, 4-cylinder, Lotus 907 motor, joined to a 4 speed gearbox from the Ford Capri saloon, and a increased remaining travel ratio than that utilised on the Elite.

Even so, in the 522 model, the Ford gearbox was changed with a 5 velocity device from the Austin Maxi saloon, and it was improved equipped, with this sort of luxuries as air conditioning.

The Eclat was a front engined, rear travel, 3 door, 2+2, mounted head coupe.

The Series 1 Variety 76 model, released in 1974, was powered by the 1973 cc, Lotus 907 motor, producing 155 bhp, as applied in the Elite Mark 2 Variety 75, and fitted with two Stromberg CD2 SE carburettors.

The Series 1 model was phased out in 1980, and changed by the Eclat Collection 2 Style 84, which integrated the more substantial 2174 cc, Lotus 912 engine, as applied in the Elite Mark 2 Kind 83.

This product had a compression ratio of 9.4:1, and was equipped with two Dell’Orto, DHLA 45 carburettors.

Even so, in get to satisfy US emission regulations, the 912 engine only designed 160 bhp, compared with 155 bhp with the 907 unit.

These Lotus 900 Sequence engines turned out to be quite effective, and ended up later applied in the forthcoming Lotus Esprit.

The Series 1 Variety 76 Eclat was fitted with a metal chassis, which was attached to the glassfibre entire body at the rear.

Having said that, curiously adequate, a felt strip was positioned concerning the chassis and the system to give a very good match.

Unsurprisingly, in damp climates, the felt would take up and retain humidity, so accelerating corrosion of the steel chassis.

Due to the fact changing the chassis of the Elite and Eclat Varieties 75 and 76 athletics vehicle was quite uneconomical, then this had a devastating influence on resale selling prices.

Thankfully, this defect was prevail over with the introduction of the Elite and Eclat Kinds 83 and 84 types, in which the metal chassis was galvanised, as standard equipment.

The annually production figures for both of those Sorts of the Eclat had been as follows:

1975 = 16 1976 = 212 1977 = 133 1978 = 258 1979 = 232 1980 = 95 1981 = 25 1982 = 143 Full = 1,114

This marked the conclusion of the Lotus Eclat

Potentially this stroll down memory lane could possibly have answered, or at least shed gentle on, a attainable question:
Which Morgan Sports Car is Your Favourite?

Having said that, ought to this question nevertheless keep on being unanswered, I will be reviewing, in some element, in potential posts within just this internet site, the overall assortment of Morgan sports activities cars and trucks which ended up featured in the unforgettable era spanning 1911 to 1996.

I hope you be a part of me in my nostalgic travels “down sports activities car memory lane”.

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